The projection above is based on the below assumptions:
Capital Start
Capital Month
Capitalise / DirectDebit
Income Reinvest
Annual Income
Cash Interest Rate
Other Cost Rate
Loan Start
Loan Month
Max Loan Amount
Continue Invest On Max Reached
Loan Interest Rate
Equity Dividend Income Rate
Equity Capital Growth Rate
Franking Level
Target Amount
Timeframe to Target
Initial Contribution
Monthly Contribution
Pre-tax Annual Income
Expected Interest Rate on Cash
Are you interested in investing in shares or managed funds?
Expected Growth from Shares or Managed Funds
Expected Dividend Income from Shares or Managed Funds
Expected Franking Level of Dividends
Will dividend income be reinvested?
Any other expected costs i.e. entry fees or brokerage?
Initial Amount Borrowed
Additional Amount Borrowed Each Month
Is there a maximum loan amount you don't want to exceed?
What is the maximum loan amount?
Continue investing monthly contribution if maximum loan is reached?
Expected Interest Rate on Loan
How will interest be paid?
Adviser Name
Client Name

Important Information
Please note that the interest rate applicable to your loan may differ from the indicative rate used in the assumptions. Please confirm the interest rate upon application.
Gearing involves risk, it can magnify your returns, however it may also magnify your losses if the value of your investment decreases. Please adjust the default settings based on your expectations. This simulator is provided by Leveraged Equities Limited (ABN 26 051 629 282 AFSL 360118) as Lender and as a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879) and is for illustrative purposes only. This simulator provides a hypothetical view of a projected financial position based on assumptions, including variables that are inserted in the projector. This simulator is for general information purposes only and does not purport to guarantee any projected savings result or level of return. No guarantee, warranty, or representation is given or implied as to the reliability or accuracy of the information produced by this simulator or the information used to compile each index or each calculation . While variables outlined in this simulator have default amounts, they should be increased or decreased by you as appropriate. Different variables entered into this simulator and different assumptions and estimates may provide different outcomes. Your personal financial and taxation circumstances including any changes to current taxation rules may also impact on the outcome of this simulator. The outcome generated by this simulator does not constitute financial, credit, investment, tax, legal or other advice and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs. This simulator is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product. In addition, the simulator does not take into account your credit limit or any other limits that might be applied to a borrowing by you. Please consider your personal circumstances and seek your own independent professional advice before making any financial decisions. If you are considering to acquire a financial product you should read the PDS for the relevant product before making a decision. You should not rely on this simulator to make financial decisions. Historical data used in the simulator bears no relation to future performance and the value of an investment may rise or fall. To the extent permitted by law, neither Leveraged Equities Limited nor Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited or any of their related entities, employees or directors accept any responsibility for any losses arising from the use of or reliance on this simulator.